the richest people who have much Dash in the world for latest new number one

Do you know who the owner of the account address richest Dash
and most of the world today? under its own

attention please replace the word because bitcoin be here discussing dash Dash
Dashrekening account owner with assets worth trillions of rupiah value you can see for yourself
makes you shake your head just to mine the computer may have assets worth trillions of these but make no mistake that it was all balanced with cost pengornanan and production costs of mining bitcoin or miner bitcoin itself got out of the pool of mining bitcoin or can be obtained from the buying and selling real currency
bitcoin virtual itself later in the explanation of the final review itself.

Surely you are all curious how many owners currencies
This Bitcoin virtual currency as a means of payment transactions
digital sufficiently transparent and anonymity or anonimous
any person can meilhat transaction history without
with the exception of one person.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that most succeeds in this modern era of the first
was created in 2009 by satoshi Nakamoto, because of the ease and their features
the attractiveness of the new will attract a lot of public society so as to make
many people wonder what it is and why Bitcoin Bitcoin that initially has no value
or worthless Naum Bitcoin currently has a value outside the Ordinary is quite expensive
because the value of Bitcoin itself valued in the millions and tens of millions of rupiah so no
The world was surprised, yes it was horrendous exchange rate of the currency Bitcoin whose price is
considering comparable to the manufacturing process is costly millions and
hundreds of millions of rupiah to produce Bitcoin Bitcoin mining is the process

how public remarks about Bitcoin?
The Bitcoin currency or digital payment instruments that do not have a physical form
so only virtual and has gold just as you have investments
which is not visible but you can buy and sell at any time that is 24 hours non-stop
that the advantages of the Bitcoin itself

What about Bitcoin in anggapa various countries?
for the country's European-American while for russia may prohibit, by reason of their
fear of abuse, while one is used or misused his back on us
himself as a man who has a responsibility as human beings to make
this world a better place, as the development of the dimbangi development
human civilization and the development of this exceptional technology

Bitcoin is that legal?

Bitcoin is still in status are allowed, kept as if it was
and russia country is one of the countries that forbid
use bitcoin but the people nominally still use it.

Is Bitcoin could dimiiki everyone?

Yes, Bitcoin can be owned by any person in this world, this earth regardless
how old are you, if you know the workings of the bitcoin, and bitcoin how can
run as it is used as a means of transactions which are digital
as well as internet internet is a unformasi that if maintained his form
digital but we can see with the help of a computer, cell phone or gadget and Bitcoin
such that the difference between Bitcoin itself can transmit the nominal value and the value of it
have the respective exchange rates in accordance with market prices, and the Bitcoin exchanges
tends to fluctuate up and down hragtanya bitcoin itself so at the time of purchase, the current price
down whereas, for when the prices go up it is the best time to sell bitcoin
massively because you will benefit a lot and maximal

The following are data on how many account owners Bitcoin
The world is based on a percentage of the number of holdings

BalanceAddresses% Addresses (Total)Coins$USD% Coins (Total)
0 - 0.001111387.83% (100%)3.39 DASH41.22 USD0% (100%)
0.001 - 0.011903313.38% (92.17%)67.38 DASH818.65 USD0% (100%)
0.01 - 0.11792112.6% (78.79%)546.76 DASH6,643 USD0.01% (100%)
0.1 - 15342337.55% (66.2%)8,523 DASH103,549 USD0.13% (99.99%)
1 - 102314416.27% (28.65%)46,902 DASH569,839 USD0.7% (99.86%)
10 - 100102027.17% (12.39%)248,357 DASH3,017,442 USD3.69% (99.17%)
100 - 1,00027291.92% (5.22%)680,497 DASH8,267,766 USD10.1% (95.48%)
1,000 - 10,00046683.28% (3.3%)5,109,572 DASH62,079,279 USD75.87% (85.38%)
10,000 - 100,000220.02% (0.02%)382,941 DASH4,652,579 USD5.69% (9.51%)
100,000 - 1,000,00010% (0%)257,500 DASH3,128,523 USD3.82% (3.82%)

apa maksud dari pada itu 

Balance adalah saldo jumlah nominal kepemilikan atas hak pemilik bitcoin atau
                         saldo uang bitcoin yang anda miliki

Address adalah jumlah alamat rekening address bitcoin yang ada dan digunakan untuk transaksi 

presentase atau persen % adalah jumlah presentase kepemilikan address Bitcoin mulai dari
                        pemilik paling sedikit sampai pemilik sampai paling banyak.

coin adalah maksud jumlah saldo terbilang bitcoin yang anda miliki atau dipunyai.

USD adalah disitu maksudnya setara nilai Bitcoin itu terhadap mata uang kurs penukaran
                    mata uang dollar

Berikut ini kami sajikan data terpercaya dan terlengkap mengenai pemilik bitcoin terkaya,terbanyak,
paling populer,dan penimbun kekayaan bitcoin terbanyak sebagai berikut ini :

Disini konten ini asli kepemilikan dan tertulis dari perstarwaw mengenai Bitcoin dan pemilik
Bitcoin rekening terkaya paling banyak membuat penasaran master paling kaya bitcoin

ini dia nilai dari pada Bitcoin sesuai dengan kurs dollar dan mata uang rupiah terkait
sesuai valid legal kurs saat itu bisa jadi berubah selisih sedikit saja namun yang tertera 
jelas ini adalah nilai aset orang-orang terkaya pemilik aset timbunan emas bitcoin 
digital currency

atau anda bisa cek sendiri di blockchain data base riwayat transaksi transparan di buku besar
Blockchain Dash

Dash address                                                                                            Dash balance

1.  XekiLaxnqpFb2m4NQAEcsKutZcZgcyfo6W      257,500 DASH ($3,128,523 USD)
  dalam IDR                                                            41,206,020,528 (41 milyar rupiah)

2.XbrnddJH8F3cohLYo4VhMX1ZVgwiBkZQKD    47,000 DASH ($571,031 USD)

3  .Xc3cPDUghUHBtdU1wxQfPUZoGazyntM6BM 38,039 DASH ($462,159 USD)

4.  XbtvGzi2JgjYTbTqabUjSREWeovDxznoyh     37,097 DASH ($450,715 USD)

10.   XxpMtTNa1RFuSya99A427mTKayGjYQys1v       16,000 DASH ($194,394 USD)

For a while we provide information on the owner's 10 largest and richest Dash number one on the asset holdings of asset owners bitcoin bitcoin worldwide to people that have bitcoin seniali trillions of rupiah. and this is real as well as owners of the company
shareholders, stock perusaan, owner forex or foreign exchange accounts of foreign exchange or forex and it was all in respect and cultivated by people who are enthusiastic and much equity capital
money anyway.

whether bitcoin safe? yes Dash secure evidence with asset ownership that much money
no one can break in unless the person is the owner of the account Dash
itself or the person who has the private key Dash itself.

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