how to win continues Dota 2 Without losing the latest strategy

All about guide for main point to be winner dota 2 as easy way from understanding what is
aim or purpose event playing dota 2 by learning all step one by one newbie its good choice
to learned about this

new player also need more skill and learn as efficiency time, strategy, what should hero be pick,
and which one is will be winner in all early, mid, late game Dota 2.

by learning and change preseption about dota 2 let us know what is and how it work as game dota
2, dota 2 is game win depend on ancient and tower enemy not only we got kill much hero anymore
but we cant end the game the solution of the game for real being of life come on check it out
our best choice of pricipal strategy dota 2 will give you salutation solution to real comeback
push and won dota 2 with all guid new strategy and old strategy dont waste your time with
dota 2 before you learning it so if will giving you a lot of performance skill and miracle
how to do something include most of pro player, professional player dota 2 around the world
we are expect to guid from all source but it is suitable all of this how to win with only easy
guide as easy you learning and realize your dream as winner come on you're is the best dota 2
player in any custom mode game from ranked all pick or captain mode, with MMR matchemacking
ratio will increase + 25 not will decrease -25 as easy dont bad behavior with our team if they have bad conduct ok build anything what did you its fine and dont blame our team dota 2 just do it
best what we can do it good luck to learning dota 2 in made by perstarwaw guide dota 2 easy play
easy to win with much collection of strategy win dota 2 Go ahead see your job will working properly
in real live game dota 2.

To win the game Dota 2 is a dream game for the players dota 2
Why so ? yes that's what we need to know to prepare what the hell
bahn bahn towards victory.

Okay the first time I will convey the purpose of the play dota 2 to always win
actually a lot of strategy and you choose depends on which strategy do you good
and suitable for dota 2 your team towards victory win rate continues here we take
The main points of the gaming dota 2 which is as follows:

you implement this then certainly you bring the team to victory
fast and can read the enemy's strategy.

1. Ancient Menaghancurkan or the headquarters of the round which has 4000 HP fortress
   The home defense was the key to victory so you do not fuss do
   lots kill but you lose because what you do not learn how
   like the main goal to win it.

2. Destroy the tower, a good strategy to destroy the tower is pick the select
     pusher hero or hero-type push lane of the best tower defense real hero pusher
    is a hero who can be relied upon to use the strategy of mega creeps what it might
    dota 2 wins in less than 20 minutes, the players certainly due pa dota 2
    pro player professional players like Dendi NAVI team WIGNS CDEC and others.

3 Destroying your barrack was made towards semaik close to victory, because
   it just destroyed barrack mush after you destroy the enemy tower krena
   What you will have the strength of creep damage you and Saar late game making enemies
  You are powerless to push lane can not clean the creep you then you are very sure
  win necessary compactness also in playing dota 2.

The following information dota 2 game winner tournamen TI16 The 2016 international dota 2
the winner of this competition directly suddenly rich with gifts 119 Billion
was incredible and that makes splashy game Dota 2 to the world's biggest prize
game dota 2 steam valve.

what they felt for those who led the achievement of the results of their hard work
formerly EG evil genius dota 2 team was the champion of last year's international tournamen
namely 2015 ago. then with this gaming wings from china became suddenly wealthy
and well-known in the arena of class game in the coveted top world class tournament dota 2 with
attended and viewed by the fans and visitors from around the world without exception
Sunggu make that much money gifts can drool a lot darihasil DotA 2 tournament
if successful they carry their prize money safely survived china
players dota 2 dota 2 winners of world-class online gaming by steam valve.

 Match game world level Dota 2 The International 2016, officially ended by giving birth to a new champion. Teams from China, TI6: Gaming Wings defeated Chaos Digital team on top of the party with a score of 3-1, Sunday (08/14/2016) .Atas the victory, the team members Gaming Wings instantly become a billionaire. Because the winner of the competition was rewarded with a cash prize of 9.1 million US dollars, or around Rp 119 miliar.Satu own five-person team. That means, if divided equally, each member is entitled to Rp 23.8 billion.
Digital Chaos, as the runner-up, still got a cash prize with a value no less flashy, which is 3.4 million dollars, or approximately USD 44 billion.

The total prize pool for The International 2016 is claimed to be the largest. Valve, organizers of the competition, a prize total of 20.7 million US dollars, or around Rp 271 billion.

The prize was collected from purchasing items in Dota 2 during this time.

The prize was also breaking the previous record for The International 2015 with total cash of 18.4 million US dollars, or Rp 241 billion.

The existence Wings Gaming in the final of The International in 2016 can be said to be very surprising. Because the two teams is a new name in the competition.

As of IBTimes KompasTekno summarize, Monday (08/15/2016), Digital Chaos consisting of players from Ukraine, Romania, the US, Denmark, and Macedonia's newly formed in March 2016 ago.

Meanwhile, Wings Gaming composed entirely of players from China recently formed in August 2015.
once steady struggle of this team to win, but many dream finally materialized anyway
wow great to be a winner pro dota 2 Professional gamers we are here lets you stick and gank
with some strategy of easy win dota 2.

Previously, the big teams such as Fnatic and TNC, is the favorite won this annual tournament.
4. Strategy pusher also has a good effect make sure you have at least a minimum
    2 to 3 hero range of push pusher-type lane allows you to win easily.

5. The cohesiveness of the team is the goal also be sure it goes well

6. The communication within the team

7. believes in the ability of the team

8. read enemy strategy before you act

9. Do not forget to carry a tank support and dyeing various types of hero dota 2

10, 5 strategy mid hero if you've reached level 6, the focus
     This strategy mid 5 with 5 super fast hero pusher your enemies will not survive
     and you certainly easy win in less than 10 minutes hurray win.

In the game we definitely need a strategy game of tactics to win a match. So is the case in the game DOTA 2 trending and lots pemian online game play. This game is not only good in the charts, but many items and hero that we can use and understand. So to win a game in the game DOTA 2 we are required to know the code hero, a combination of items and certainly Playing Strategy Dota 2 To Always Win.

winning photos continuously in playing dota 2 is a dream and fortune
even so at least you learn how to easily win the game
dota 2 try to imagine at the moment wins certainly awful.
record drow ranger who used to win multiple times in a row dota 2 pro engineering
player player dota 2.

In a definite strategy requires formation, technique, focus and team work of course. Of all the things we have to do in the game DOTA 2 well and without their own selfish. For more details about Tips and Strategies to Play Dota 2 To Always Win, please follow the tutorial below ini.Pemilihan Hero The Pas Create CentimeterTidak No trick hero who would make the mode select Centimeter because the hero in DOTA really not a few, and each hero necessary expertise. Even takes weeks or even months for the digging of science heroes in DotA. Then there is no number one hero who shall be elected or banned for Senti game modes Meter. But there are many guidelines in choosing the right hero for Senti Meter, namely: 1. Choosing the hero ridden by members tim.2. Then identify the members of the team held a contest long before Senti Meter3. Developing strategies based team hero is selected, then every hero who selected should mutually support4. Choosing Anti Hero from Hero antecedent pick the enemy, this is a simple rule but CORE5. Against higher level, Captain required For reading the game strategy when the enemy hero dilakukan6 pick & tires. Then choose the Captain's mouth is the one who has the skill coordination baik7. Captain suggested clever coordination, reading strategies, relieve the team, to work on porsinya.Strategi game captain Captain ModeStrategi game mode does not coincide with the strategy most -apso mode, this strategy stresses the team is not on how much or little hero who was killed. Being a member of the team is not a problem because the kill has not really work does not kill, because there is a tendency kill Carry always given for granted. There are many strategies that need rethinking the game captain modeFormasi: 1. 2-1-2Formasi formation is very rarely done in centimeter, because the average hero cultivated more than one lane, while others focus enabled For outwit opponents. This mode is not uncommon needed in battle-mode net along apso, given each member of the team does not know each lain2. This 3-1-1Formasi formations which are not frequently used in fashion centimeter, because this formation allows the two heroes get experience that the great and increasing the level more quickly. 3 other hero always gank, alias back and find the enemy hero. On average 3 hero is in territory imaginable utannya, under For sentinel and above For scourage.3. 5-0-0Formasi formation is rarely done, but we also do good. Hero who is used to this formation is a hero types INT and pusher lane. Really Husus done to break down the lane mid enemy in a fast way. Hero who dipick average includes Pugna or lina, and heroes who have not the least summon, like Furion. Not forgotten who could support other friends, namely rilay. And also one that has the potential to indoor & tanker.Strategi: 1. Depending on CarryStrategi like this always rely carry and let carry into, but this strategy has a weakness. For it is certainly a war hero had no time to come, for the pro player this matter which war they so coveted. Forest area is not safe for carry.2 hero. We lost concentration LaneJangan any strategy you, lane should still be taken. Tower has a high value as kill hero. Being tower also is capital. There must be a hero who was really concentration lane, and most do not dikala lasted for so many war, could tower destroyed. Hero lane concentration that was chosen to carry the average hero and hero that is truly as were intended to get a tower, is the hero who has the potential to kill creep with a quick / having summoned / armor that gede.3. Ward / sentriPasang sentri or obs or anything that is able to connect a folder, the far bokongan that carried out by the enemy. Pictures under the warding spot / laying orb that can be utilized. But the war could not be installed throughout the ward, for gold which is limited. At least not if you are able to install ward in the forest or near the high cliffs PU.4 room. Simultaneously and cepatDalam Maen game modes Senti Meter no term late game, because the game is completed in an average of less than 30 minutes, most in the tournament when more than 30 minutes, the game can be stopped. Then calculated based on the point. That which is not rare in Indonesia, unless the International tournament. To centimeter no Utk term gain time so that team members so god item whole, or the item is expensive / luxury. Given the chance win, then win the percepatlah. "Fast is better" .5. KurirPemakaian courier must be effective, do couriers were killed or lost somewhere kemana6. KoordinasiKoordinasi must take precedence, do not ulti issued but the team was not prepared, or in a position that far. To this circumstance captain who must play a role. do not be in a pick if you do not have a captain that good coordination capability, even though those skills possessed extremely mumpuni.7. Team WorkStrategi namely that the most excellent team work, this strategy is the core strategy for playing dota. If there is no team work not to mess around dota. Because without the team work as well as any hero, skill and item will not be as good as if we bermaian team.Itulah Tips and Strategies to Play Dota 2 To Always Win, hopefully can help you to more good in playing online games DOTA 2.

There are some tips and tricks for you who are new to try to play the game Dota 2. Perhaps these tips and tricks impressed the mainstream, but there are some points that you also do not realize or may not have read elsewhere. Dota 2 is an online game that is on the rise, because this game is addictive alias make the gamers addicted.
1. Purchase and Use Courier
Courier become mandatory item in a team to win the game in Dota 2. Weve what is the function of this messenger? Its function is simple: we deliver items from the home base to our character in any position. Courier should be held at the beginning of the game, players are usually still stingy really does make goldnya set aside for buying a courier. Courier's important, especially for the players who play at mid. If you're not a team member who bought a courier, you must take the initiative for buying a courier for the sake of the team.
2. Mandatory Item
There are hundreds of items that you can use to strengthen the hero that you are using. The first mandatory item when you're playing is Boots of Speed, which will add moving speed you up to 50+. You also need to Tango, Tango is an item that will speed up the regeneration of health when you use it. If you play in the lane (top & bottom) you need to Tango. If you do not want to buy Tango, try to persuade teammates who are in the same lane for sharing Tango. Currently 15-20 minutes, do not forget to make upgrades to buy items. And the 30+ minutes you shall have a top-level upgrade items like Aghanim's Scepter or Desolator.
3. Hero Right By Opponent
Selection of the right hero can ningkatin your chances to win a match. If you've ngelihat pro players in the world tournament like Mushi or Dendi, they won the game with a hero that is appropriate to their opponents. Normally the formation required a team is, 1 tanker, 2 support, one nuker, and 1 ganker (ganker can also be replaced with the jungle). Choose a suitable hero, but also you can acquire and weve comfortable for you to use.
4. Cooperation
No meaning to play Dota 2 if not disposable teamwork, if you're playing the individual guaranteed you will not win. Play using stun combination attacks and ganking, not fun to play, let alone trying to fight two enemies when at the beginning of the game. The fatal error is usually done because they feel very unhappy with the team's own behavior that does not listen to the advice of ourselves. One good way of cooperation is a good initiative from one of the players. Start from yourself, by buying or purchasing Smoke Lane Ward so that your enemies who likes ngilang itself as Riki and Bounty Hunter look. Do not you dare blame just because do not want to come to work together, although sometimes it is difficult to work with people we do not know.
5. Main Move Lane
Another way let you win them in this game is to play moved around from one lane to another lane. But remember, do it in the mid game. At the time of mid game is usually the enemy hero will start a little aggressive. Although aggressive, sometimes the enemy off guard because I was busy chasing your teammates. Take advantage of moments like that, especially if you have the skill ganking heroes like Spirit Breaker.
6. Do Nge-Bacot
Regulation is important for the noob is not nge-snout. Do a lot of chat that is not important in the chat column, let alone to provoke fellow. Like saying, "Me mid" when heroes used not reserved for keeping middle lane. Do not be too busy telling your opponent as "ina Putang bo", "Bobo ka", "FFFF YOU" and other trash talk that could interfere with other players. The severity of the Indonesia and the Philippines that has been included in the team's not going no such thing as silence, certainly noisier. Usually it is these two countries always do things that are known throughout the world for Dota players trash talk and fight at the chat.
7. Last Hit
Seek this one, especially when still in the early game. Last hit late precedence for you who build, aka the really old for strengthening the character. When the enemy creep rest of healthnya bit, keep you did last hit and got 47 coin. Do not forget to do the last hit on a creep of your own, so that the enemy can not coin for killing him.
8. Ensure You Have Hero Stunner Team and Core
Make sure the team you have a stunner reliable. Pick heroes like Earthshaker designed as a stunner, even this hero also includes nuker class (producer RAMPAGE!).
9. Forward Backward Beautiful!
Yep, like Syahrini, while playing Dota 2 we have to be smart in taking the step. Back and forth is one way so that we can win in a fight, why? Because when you're ahead, your enemies will retreat, as it's currently used by the player to fishing, by directing the enemy toward teammates who were ready to wait in the goal area. When low health, try to survive the attack there, until former teammates to show up and finish off those hero who tried to kill you.
10. Destroy Focus Tower and Ancient
One fatal mistake in playing Dota 2 is too focused to kill the hero opponent, whereas the main purpose of the game Dota 2 is destroying enemy towers and ancient. If at the beginning of the game you really have to focus to kill an enemy hero, it's because you're still at the stage of the build character. Keep you die as minimal as possible, let alone die because of creep that could give gold to all the players on the opposing team.
When in the late game, begin to destroy the tower and ancient consent. If you are too concentrated to kill an enemy hero, they could be making a comeback IS REAL!
yea returned with a victory is good for the heart mush heart attack kedup duk-duk kedup
Make Tower stop attacking our hero. The trick is easy enough to attack one of our creep, creep ourselves by attacking the tower will shift to any attacks from the nearest tower. it applies even though we are still full creep hp. so we do not need to run away and lose a lot of HP just because the attack tower.

Creep line. If the enemy has more than 2creeps creep more than you so be careful and do not daring to attack the enemy hero because creep enemy will attack you if you do. 2creep then if you have more than just attack enemies enemy hero.
Always carry TP. Once the game is running 5mn make sure you always carry Teleport Scroll (TP). Use the TP to help a friend of the team in the fight against the enemy. the term "ganking". or can we use to go back to the fountain when we're low hp (dying).

 Rune will show up (respawn) every 2 minutes. If you have the "bottle" right click on the rune, the rune will be stored in your bottle, insert the runes to bottle will make your bottle containing the runes and fill your bottle into a full kembali.Untuk save Rune "bottle" should not be empty.
Wards ktia rescue hero. Put the wards on a normal road impassable, the higher the wards placed it can further vision. with their wards so we know when the enemy will come to us. so we could run away earlier if the enemy came keroyokan (gang).

  Bring detection. if there is an enemy that has the ability to be invisible (invisible) or have a shadow blade and ye shall have a hero invisible item detection such as: Dust of appearance, Sentry wards, or true Gem of sight

 Do not attack from a lower place. we have a 25% chance to "miss" when attacking the enemy from further rendah.miss = we did not attack the enemy. Fleeing through the trees. when you run away from the enemy should never run straight. but flee into the forest. ran between pohon2. create confusion enemy that the enemy has lost track of you. so you could be saved.

Play with ease. most people will play well when playing casually. if there are people / opponents who make you so emotional either via chat or voice, just mute them. so you can continue the game with calm without responding bacotan-bacotan them.

Difference Pros and beginners:

People often judge a player based on how well they play. Players who played exceptional and inspiring often called 'Pro'. Most people tend to call the player boring as noobs but I prefer to call them starters because the word "noob" to me is a word that is very menyakitkan.Hal any matters whether that of the pro players and not owned by a beginner? What are the things that do a beginner so their game badly and are vulnerable to criticism?
Here are some of the things that distinguishes between players and players Professional Starter:
Beginners: I'll do what I want to do.
Pro: I will do what must be done.

Beginners: I'll do my plan no matter what the situation.
Pro: I'll wait for the right time to carry out my plan.

Beginner: I chose this Hero because they are strong or because I like with this hero.
Pro: I would choose this because the hero's Hero has perfect chemistry and this hero can fight the enemy hero with ease.
Beginners: I'm dead. It's time to blame my team mates!
Pro: I'm dead. I will be more careful and cautious next time.
Starter: Opponent is so strong, I would stop and look for a weaker opponent.
Pros: Your opponent is stronger than me, I have to learn from them and try to beat them as soon as possible.
Starter: Damn, gankers was behind me. I would run to the fountain / base, there may be a miracle that I could live.
Pro: Gankers now behind me, I have to try to make them chase me in the forest and improve my chances for survival. I will try to buy items that I need and do not dispose of gold that I got from my death.
Starter: Opponent doing push! They are so strong, I do not know what to do but, the CHARGE! ! oops, I die.
Pros: Opponents who do push, I had to find a good position to attack their creep and waiting for my teammates to come help.
Starter: Hero enemies will die with one more attack, I would pursue it even though I run out of mana.
Pro: I'm not going to chase the hero who almost died because there was no possibility of being able to kill him. If I do I will only put myself in danger.

Starter: hero back off when I want to gang up on him (gang), this is a pub game, grrrr! Map hack!
Pro: Maybe he has Ward around here or he's just cautious. I'll buy Sentry Ward Ward to destroy them so that I could gang (gang) he is easier.

Starter: Teammates need me but there was still plenty creep can give me gold. I'll tell them that I do not have a scroll TP.
Pro: Teams / My colleague will be involved in the team battle, it's time to buy a TP scroll.

Beginner: I'm not going to buy Ward, it's a waste of 200 gold.
Pros: It is better to spend 200 gold to buy the Observer Ward rather than wasting more gold because of death for the enemy in the same gang.

Starter: Grrr ... I'm not going to waste my time waiting here, I have to gank him even though the tower was at his side.
Pro: I'll wait for a better opportunity because I do not want to die just because of the impatience in ganking.
Beginner: I am constantly exposed to Stun, Stun again and again until I die. shit is not no way to survive in this lane.
Pro: I know what can be done by the enemy Hero. If they will execute their combo, I have a plan on how to survive and resist their attacks.

Beginners: I'll steal more kill so I'm going to be famous.
Pro: I'm playing better support I give to Carry us kill him to get more farm.
Beginners: My opponents are all types of hitters but I'm still going to buy BKB because I see Dendi buy BKB and master of his opponents.
Pro: I will buy things that will improve my armor to reduce the damage that I can from opponents. in this case buy BKB instead wasting 3800 Gold, buy items that can add HP would be a better choice.
Do not rush this is the most important thing I learned is to make my game better. I'm used to in a hurry, in a hurry to ngepush, ngekill, and ngegank. I'm very impatient, and also very annoyed if my teammates farm gold for too long, I want action and want to dominate the game from the 10th minute to my impatience led to many defeats. and the level of Heroku became always below the level of the enemy hero other than that I do not have the opportunity to farm luxury items (item2 expensive).

Never miss a basic item I often see players who missed basic items such as boot / shoe. mentang2 jungle farm house they ignore the very important items. Consequently when the enemy hero chasing you, you will not be able to escape because you do not have a boot, would your hero running speed is very slow. most likely will die when you are hunted by the enemy hero.

Always note minimap View minimap is very important, with often viewed minimap you can be more alert and you do know if the enemy is coming towards you, or when teammates you're in a gang. with as soon as possible so you can help your teammates are in the gang earlier. or when you are push and tiba2 tower ngepush Your enemy the other lane. If you do not see the minimap most likely you will lose your tower or barrack.

 Do not hesitate to buy Wards Observer ward dota2 very important in the game, these items are petrified of us in terms of vision. This ward is like spy / cctv. so we can know the gestures musuh.tanpa ward we play like a blind man, can not know where the enemy is located.

 Buying Sentry / Dust / Gem early Do not wait for someone to buy the object for you. Most of the hero with the ability ivisible (not visible) HP has particularly thin. and take advantage of their weaknesses are. buy sentry / dust / gem and then kill them. buy gem if you're pretty sure you're not going to die. if you do not kill the hero invisible at the beginning of the game they will farm a lot of gold and buying items deadly damage. and they will be very dangerous at the end of the game. you will lose and all your efforts will be in vain if you do not take the initiative to buy items such detection.

Read Hero Free guide for heroes in dota2 you can read Community disteam GuidesDotafire Having enough time to play Hero would you like to master Have you ever wondered why your game is not as good as other games when you use another Hero? Increasing your game it also comes from whether or not you know how to use a Hero. itula no reason why Hero Guide Dota2 spread across the internet.

Playing a Hero for 2 to 3 days will make you comfortable with the hero you want to master, you will experience different things that might happen in a real game makes you ready for it. and you will know srategi different that will ensure success in using the hero.

Watching replays To improve the professional players in the game you play a certain hero take a look at how a professional is playing the hero. Make them the inspiration for the game you play a hero in particular.

Get used to watching a game replay your own After playing do not just say "Yes I win" or "lose my damn". you win or lose you have to see the replay your game. if you want the game to be great you should not be lazy to find out what mistakes you have done. maybe that was the problem last hitting, or any errors that you should menyaradi things are not exactly what you've done so you can improve the way you play.

Develop physical and mental alertness you

CepatKeterampilan calculation is very important in three ways:
Estimating the use of Mana
Damage estimates issued
Estimating Cooldown a skill or item you have.
Being fast in calculation gives you many advantages and keamanan.dengan know if the pool where you will be sufficient to execute the skill combo hero, you will never have a problem when attacked. if you are not where you need to calculate when war could have you run out of mana, and you will be in trouble and maybe talk "bad I ran out of nowhere", and then you're dead hero.

Damage must also be taken into account to find out how fast you can kill an enemy hero.

Cooldown is also important, especially if you have a skill ultimate enemy deadly. Take advantage of their ultimate cooldown long as your advantage. You can initiate war or clicking Ultimate Push tower when they're not available. melaukan calculation of an opponent will give you a huge advantage.

Quick Hands (hand fast) These skills are very important in three ways:
cancellation animation
Perform combos and Micro
Clicking hero is difficult for the click
Cancellation of the animation is very important in playing dota. there are many heroes who had a long spell with animation. it is very useful to cancel a skill that you spend. ie only in war you expend skill and turns enemies blink away, where you will be wasted if you do not cancel your skill animation earlier.

Combo requires precise timing and may be distracted by hand lambat.contoh: when playing a hero like Invoker exact timing is needed.

Micro is a word used to describe "control many units" it certainly needs a hand that cepatcontoh: Meepo, chen, etc.

Hero hard clicked like Storm spirit can be overcome with quick hands. so he can not escape just because he bounced pindat place quickly and is difficult to be clicked.

Quick EyesKeterampilan 5 is very important in terms of:
awareness Map
finding the target
Distance from teammates
number of opponents
Spell used
awareness map is crucial. You should not susceptible to gank, you should know if you're teammates need you, you need to know where the enemies to be killed or to be avoided, etc ... finding the target in the war it was very important. You should not expend all spell on the hero you see. Pro players always estimate reserves. you spell backup for better purposes. distance from teammates should be considered as well.

CepatKeterampilan reaction is important in five things:
Avoiding enemy skill
Knowing the escape route
Selecting a target
Knowing when to fight and when not to fight
against attacks
Dota is a game to read and react. You look at the situation, then you give your reaction. Ataukalah win depends on how many calls are good or bad you have created and it is called the reaction. know at once what the best decision in almost every situation and executes those decisions perfectly will definitely make you become the most skilled player and a scary player. You just have to watch carefully, to critically analyze and practice.

Like that then you can surely win them dota 2

Good luck

salute dota 2

greeting dear visitors.

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